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Terms of Use

  • All solutions here are multi-level/network marketing platform, where your success is dependant on your ability to refer and the effort of your team members.
  • Your sign-up for any solution of choice is not refundable under any condition, as this is a contribution to your team members and your access to receive contributions in line with our compensation plans, it also avails you an opportunity to learn business management tips and new skill sets.
  • No Specific time frame to complete any Level or finish any of the solutions here, it is all dependent on your effort and that of your team members.
  • By participating in any of the platforms here in, you have confirmed that you are 18 years and above.
  • The security of your account is your responsibility, do not share your password with anyone. Fidelity Solutions & Networks Limited will never ask for your password, as such will not take responsibility if you give out your password.
  • Withdrawals from Wallet to local back account attract 5% charge for VAT, and it is processed within 24 hours Monday - Friday
  • The final interpretation of compensation plans, choice of cars, or house type rest with Fidelity Solutions & Networks Limited. But the value of the items will always be maintained.

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